1️⃣The $DON Token

The first V2 creator token on the XCAD ecosystem

The $DON token is a creator token issued by The XCAD Network for content creator "The Donato". XCAD Network is a tokenization platform for Creators, designed to facilitate YouTubers having their own Cryptocurrency Creator token. XCAD is bringing fans and creators closer than ever, as fans can now hold their favourite creator tokens, purchase meaningful perks and govern creator decisions.

The $DON token will give you access to extra benefits, allow you to earn products, participate in raffles, and have a say in the creator's main decisions

Who is TheDonato?

TheDonato, whose real name is Daniel Munoz is a Venezuelan influencer, currently residing in Argentina. The South American shot to fame on YouTube for his gameplay and lifestyle videos. His main platform is YouTube where he boasts over 40,000,000 Subscribers & over 7.4 Billion views. TheDonato also has impressive Instagram and TikTok profiles, with over 4.8 million and 10 million followers on each platform respectively.


The $DON token can be used to buy Donato's many benefits exclusive to XCAD users. A few examples are:

  • FaceTime with The Donato

  • Social Follow

  • Signed memorabilia (coming soon)

  • Exclusive The Donato merch

  • Hat worn by The Donato in a video (coming soon)

  • Signed pair of sneakers worn by The Donato (coming soon)

  • Trip to King's League

  • Play Online with The Donato

  • Meet & Greet

  • Feature in a YouTube video

Vote on Polls

Have a say in polls from the Donato, the more tokens a viewer holds, the more weight their vote carries, rewarding the most loyal fans


$DON will follow the V2 creator tokenomics as per the chart above:

  • Pre-Sale: 20% - 200,000,000

  • Market-Making, Exchanges, Liquidity: 30% - 300,000,000

  • Incentives: 30% - 300,000,000

  • Marketing: 10% - 100,000,000

  • Contributors: 10% - 100,000,000

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