This page describes how the main components of the Watch2Earn technology work and some of the services involved.


XCAD apps are mostly web-based. The plugin is a Chrome standard browser extension, written in HTML, CSS, and JS (particularly TypeScript), using the Ionic Framework for compatibility. The Android and IOS apps leverage this technology, allowing the team to quickly release builds for all supported platforms.

Since Firefox has begun adding support for Manifest v3 extensions, as used by the XCAD Plugin, a release for this browser will occur soon.

Other apps like the XCAD Launchpad, Influencer Marketcap, etc are built using Next.Js (React) and hosted using Vercel. We also use Gatsby or others for small projects.


XCAD services are hosted on AWS, well-known for its high-security standards and bleeding-edge app support. We use different technologies for it but rely heavily on a serverless architecture that allows us to scale quickly and efficiently. Our backend is mostly written in TypeScript with some specific services also written in Rust. We use different types of databases according to the needs of the particular service.

All of our web services are also protected by Cloudflare, which provides content delivery network services, cutting-edge cloud cybersecurity, and DDoS mitigation.


The main part of the interaction with our users and where most assets are kept safe, all of our contracts have been thoroughly written by our engineers or in collaboration with Zilliqa during the first year of the company. They have all been audited by top security firms. Contracts are written in Scilla (Zilliqa) and Solidity (BNB Chain, Ethereum) and tested thoroughly using Hardhat. Since its inception, the XCAD team can proudly say they have never suffered a security issue to compromise their users' assets or privacy.

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