How to Swap

Swap on the dXCAD DEX by going to

The dXCAD DEX currently runs on the Zilliqa Blockchain. This means that you need your tokens on the ZIL network in order to Trade & Stake on the dXCAD DEX. There are currently a few ways on how to get your tokens on the ZIL network which can be seen below.

You also need a wallet that supports the Zil network. For the dXCAD DEX, we currently recommend the ZILPay wallet, which can be downloaded here on Desktop, or by following the following links on mobile- IOS / Android.

Once you have tokens in your ZILPay wallet, it is simple to Swap/Trade tokens on the dXCAD DEX.

In the box at the top, you must choose the token you already have in your wallet, this is the token that you want to swap into another token. Choose the token of your choice and input the amount in the box that you want to swap. As you see above, in this box I have inputted β€œ10” as the amount.

In the box underneath you must choose the token you would like to receive, as you can see in the example, we have chosen XCAD as the token we would like to receive. The DEX will automatically calculate the amount of XCAD I am going to receive in our swap.

Once you are happy with the amount you are swapping/receiving, you must hit the β€œApprove” button and confirm the transaction in your wallet. Keep in mind you only have to approve each token once, so once you have approved to swap it one time, you will never have to do this step again for this token.

After the transaction succeeds, your "Approve" button will become a β€œSwap” button. You must once again hit it to confirm the transaction in your wallet. Unlike the previous step, you will have to do this step every time you want to trade these tokens.

After the transaction completes, you will get the new swapped tokens in your wallet!

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