❌What is XCAD Network?

XCAD Network is a tokenization platform for Creators, designed to facilitate YouTubers having their own Cryptocurrency Creator token, and rewarding viewers for engaging with their content directly on YouTube.

Fans can earn creator tokens, points and prizes by watching tokenized creators directly on YouTube via the XCAD Plugin or App

What Creators Are Involved?

XCAD Network is backed by some of the world's biggest YouTubers, such as KSI & Mr Beast and has also announced a multitude of creators releasing their own Creator Tokens. You can view all announced Creators by visiting Influencer MarketCap or follow us on Twitter where we announce new ones.

What About Fans?

XCAD Network allows fans to earn points completely for free, directly on YouTube when watching their favourite Creators, which may give them access to Creator Tokens. Viewers need the XCAD Plugin or XCAD App to earn points, by watching 80% or more of a tokenized Creator's video.

Each creator will have their own leaderboard and users can compete by watching videos and rank among their top fans.

Viewers can use creator tokens to vote on polls from their favourite YouTubers. The more tokens a viewer holds, the more weight their vote carries. This means the most loyal fans have the most say in a Creator's Content.

Fans can also trade their Creator tokens for other Creator tokens, and use them to buy merchandise, perks such as Social Media follows or FaceTime and more; participate in raffles and more.

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