How to Provide Liquidity

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The dXCAD DEX currently runs on the Zilliqa Blockchain. This means that you need your tokens on the ZIL network in order to Trade & Stake on the dXCAD DEX. There are currently a few ways to get your tokens on the ZIL network which can be seen below.

You also need a wallet that supports the Zil network. For the dXCAD DEX, we currently recommend the ZILPay wallet, which can be downloaded here on desktop, or by following the following links on mobile- IOS / Android.

Providing Liquidity is very similar to providing liquidity on other DEXs such as Uniswap or PancakeSwap.

Firstly, go to the pool page of the dXCAD DEX which can be found here.

Connect your ZilPay wallet & choose the token you want to pair with XCAD. (Please note you must have the token pair in the same wallet).

Enter the number of tokens you would like to pair, which will then calculate the amount of paired tokens you need (You must pair an equal USD value of tokens together) and click the β€œApprove” button which will approve the tokens to use. Once you click the approve button you will have to confirm the transaction in your ZilPay wallet. Once the transaction has been completed you will then once again have to click the β€œAdd Liquidity” button which will then provide the tokens to the LP.

Once you are providing the LP, you will earn the rewards shown on the β€œPool Overview” page. You will also earn a fee from a % of the transactions on the pair you are providing liquidity for.

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