Buying Creator Items

Users can spend their content creator tokens on exclusive items depending on each creator.

Once you have collected enough creator tokens, or if you choose to buy them with XCAD, you can then spend them in many different ways. Please be aware that some items will depend on the creator's schedule and their availability may be limited, so if you are interested and see them take advantage because many will run out quickly.

Here you can see examples, although they vary from one Youtuber to another.

  • Merchandising

  • Private groups (Discord, Telegram, etc)

  • NFT packs

  • Social media follow (IG, twitter)

  • Shoutout or tag on social media

  • Shoutout en streams or videos

  • Short clip saying hi (for example, for your birthday!)

  • Reply to video comments

  • Event tickets

  • Facetime

  • Feature in a video or collab

  • Play a game

  • Training session

  • DM question

  • Retweet or share a post (personal or business)

  • Private NFT

  • Signed Book

We may announce more soon so stay tuned and keep an eye on the creator section of the extension for availability

Buying an item from your favourite creator benefits everyone. Users get something that brings them closer to their Youtuber, the creator gets an economic reward from their fans, and the community benefits from less token circulation.

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