Single Asset Staking

Link to all Single Asset Farms-

The dXCAD DEX currently runs on the Zilliqa Blockchain. This means that you need your tokens on the ZIL network in order to Trade & Stake on the dXCAD DEX. There are currently a few ways to get your tokens on the ZIL network which can be seen below.

You also need a wallet that supports the Zil network. For the dXCAD DEX, we currently recommend the ZILPay wallet, which can be downloaded here on desktop, or by following the following links on mobile- IOS / Android.

Single Asset staking means that you only have to stake 1 Asset/Token in order to earn rewards, Unlike the LP farms where you must pair 2 Assets.

There are currently 3 single-asset staking pools on the dXCAD DEX. All 3 of these pools require you to have dXCAD to stake. Please note there is currently a minimum lock-up period of 10 days. If you choose to unstake before the 10 days are up, you will have to pay a 20% penalty fee on your tokens.

Firstly, go to the single asset staking page which can be found here.

To stake all you have to do is input the amount of dXCAD you would like to stake into the box given and click the β€œStake” button and confirm the transaction in your wallet. This will then input these tokens into the farm and you will earn daily rewards on them! You can also claim your rewards at any time or you can let them accumulate over a period and claim them in batches!

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