🎚️Base Token Allocation

Each creator economy has a base token amount of 500,000,000 tokens. The tokens are allocated into four categories: Launch and CLO, Fan Rewards, Creator Rewards and Platform Rewards.

  • 20% Launch and CLO (10% TGE, 3-month cliff & then daily release for 12 months)

  • 30% Fan Rewards (Locked and released slowly through W2E)

  • 30% Creator (Tied in with fan engagement, only released upon ecosystem performance)

  • 20% Liquidity & Reserve

The bulk of the tokens is locked and released slowly through the Fan Rewards mechanism. Creators earn tokens as fans engage with content, and reserve tokens are held by the platform to add additional incentives and liquidity when necessary. The majority of the supply will only unlock based on ecosystem performance (milestones and growth) and a Creator’s contribution to that ecosystem, more on this will be covered later on.

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